() Reporters, children and other onlookers who observed President Barack Obama’s Easter Egg Roll celebrations today saw first-hand what many critics will likely dub a plethora of embarrassing moments — twenty of them, to be exact.

Here’s what happened: While playing basketball with the kids in attendance, the commander-in-chief attempted to make numerous shots. But out of a total of 22 shots, he only sank two.

In case you’re wondering, that means Obama only made about 9 percent of the overall dunks he attempted.

The attempts, which all took place on the White House basketball court, occurred in front of a number of children and Washington Wizards players, The Washington Post reports.

The official pool report described the shots as follows: ”Miss. Miss. Off the rim. Miss. Miss. Off the rim. Airball. He moved closer to the net. But time and again, he missed.”

But if you’re looking for a more drawn-out description of what unfolded, consider the detailspresent in the ABC news recap:

…At O for 4 the president, an avid basketball player, declared “I have to hit one shot before I go.”

And then it began. A series of painful misses and air balls.

After six more failed free throws, Obama traded balls. After 10 misses, he moved in closer. After 11, he tried a few layups.

After the president missed 13 shots in a row from various distances, 10-year old Kahron Campbell stepped in to help.

Campbell made the layup on his first try.

Now, it’s true that Obama missed quite a number of shots, but he’s the leader of the free world. Perhaps he was exhausted and sleep-deprived. Or, maybe it was the vibe given off from professional players watching that tinkered a bit with his concentration.

Oh, and there’s video:

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