NewserRichard Steeves is 75 years old, plays the piano, and has just one wish in life. But as Bob Hohler details for the Boston Globe, that wish—freedom—is complicated by the fact that Steeves is a convicted serial killer who's been in prison for three decades.

Hohler has long covered Steeves' case, including his clemency push, which the inmate at Maine's Mountain View correctional facility says would give the state a chance to show off a real "success story" of prisoner rehabilitation. 

To bolster his case, Steeves, who has Parkinson's disease, has been highlighting evidence of his turnaround, including his hospice work and piano instruction for other inmates, caring for neglected dogs through a prison program, and woodworking contributions to the facility's store. "Keeping me in prison longer is no benefit to anyone," he recently told the Governor’s Board on Executive Clemency.

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