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Partisan gridlock may be taking over Washington, but a new poll has found that Americans are united over at least one issue - dislike of Justin Bieber. 

The survey conducted by "Public Policy Polling" tested favorability ratings of several of the biggest names in music, and the Biebs was the only artist who garnered a high unfavorability rating across all political parties.  The majority of Democrats, Republicans and Independents - 54 percent, 52 percent and 56 percent respectively  - reported negative views about the 19-year-old pop star. 

Overall, Chris Brown and Lady Gaga were the only other artists to receive an unfavorable rating over 50 percent.  

When given the choice of popular artists who they'd like to see as President, 34% said they would give their vote to Justin Timberlake, followed by Adele and Beyonce.  Only two percent said they'd like to see Rihanna in the White House.